Air Smart Social Media Keyboard App for iPhone

The Air social keyboard iPhone app will surely help social media professionals to interact with social networks in a smarter and faster way. Social media users will surely welcome AIR that keep their social networking interactions quicker with a smart virtual keyboard.

Check out the effectiveness of AIR app?

Nowadays, social media is very popular among the people to stay connected with their family and friends across the world. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc. are some social media sites which net users make use of via smartphone. The smartphone screen size is very limited which is very less space for users to type and therefore this restriction influenced makers of AIR Social Media Keyboard to bring the app with a revolutionary fresh idea.

A new social media keyboard AIR app is basically developed by using Bubbl Technology Inc for iPhone and iPad. This keyboard contains many applications that can add value to your typing experience whether you are sending emails, uploading a photo on Facebook, tweeting, etc. However, before actually using this amazing app you need to sync contacts and content form your social media networks with AIR.

Wonderful features you may experience with AIR

  • No need to bother about character limit on your Twitter. By using AIR Memo you can share your emotions and opinion without worrying about restriction of 140 characters on Twitter.
  • With the aid of AIR, the social media contents like quotations, jokes and other stuff can be reused. Apart from this, the previously uploaded content from any connected social media sites in any app can be edited, reviewed and reused using Content Manager with AIR.
  • In AIR using a single tap, user can access to common hashtags, contacts, groups or any frequently used content.
  • AIR’s Image Editor allows to create and share optimized photos. When you are in social network the editor allows you to create beautiful visual content, crop and apply message over images without leaving the media network.
  • AIR supports unique identity by which you can create your own signature and unique avatar to make your content exclusive and even allows you to customized pictures by adding watermark.

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