Five Techniques to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Computer

Now a day everyone uses the computer for personal use and also for official use. When you start using Windows 10 OS on your computer then sometimes your computer gets slow or get hang due to some reasons or you or data present in Windows 10 computer gets deleted during the upgradation process then we start searching how to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10 free using some advanced recovery tool which is compactable on Windows 10 system.

In this article we are explaining the techniques to speed up the Windows 10 computer:

Remove the computer from virus, if it is affected:

One of the main reason for computer system getting slow is when system is affected with the harmful virus or malware then the virus affects all the programs present on your system and your computer becomes slow. But one of the advantage what we can get from Windows 10 OS is that it is designed with in-built security program called Windows defend, where it scans your computer for virus or malware. Although many antivirus program is available on internet for free using those free application you can scan your entire computer for virus and malware detection and remove them from your pc.

Remove the unnecessary startup items:

When your login to the computer and start using many applications at a time then your computer processor gets slow as many application is running at a time. Later after the operation if you close the application also it will be running in the background. Because of this issue your computer becomes slow and when you install many programs on your system similar problems arises. After the installing some programs, even though you have not added them to the start-up menu automatically applications add itself.  To avoid this problem on your Windows 10 system you need to take look over the application present in startup and remove the unwanted application and keep only necessary application on your Windows 10 system.

To analyze the system, make use of performance monitor:

It is the built in feature available in Windows 10 which allow the user to create the detailed report regarding the computer, which includes performance problem, system issue and solution to solve the issues. When you make use of this application, then it scans your system for few minutes and show the entire report of your computer.

In power setting you need to select high performance:

Usually many of us select the option of power saving mode in the computer and laptops so save the energy so that your performance of the computer become very slow so to avoid this you need to select high performance option. To perform this process, you need to go choose control panel there you need to select power option. And then select high performance.

Windows search index should be turned off:

When you want to search some file on your system then you make use of Windows search index, if you don’t get the particular file or if you get then you need to turn off the Windows search index on your system if you don’t turn off then it slower your computer.

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