How to Convert OST to PST File?

Procedure to download and Run Remo OST to PST file converter:

Using below steps, we can easily covert OST file into PST file quickly and efficiently.

Download and install the software on the computer / laptop. After successful completion of downloading, Run the application and wait till the screen is shown with the options “Open PST file” or “Find PST file”. You need to select the first option if location is known already otherwise choose the second option. Press “Browse” button to store the converted PST file on the desired location. Now click on “convert” button in order to convert all the OST files into PST. Application starts automatically starts converting the OST file and Progress bar is shown on the screen. At last the tool would display a message “OST file conversion completed” and click on finish button to import newly created PST file on the system.

Why to convert OST to PST?

why to convert ost to pstOutlook is a tool to send and receive the data between the users in the form of e-mail and it uses OST file as well as PST file for functionality of the software. OST file allows user to work under offline mode and Exchange sever gets synchronized with OST file when it is connected to the internet. Usage of PST files becomes necessary, if OST file becomes corrupt, damage or inaccessible due to various reasons. To make the data access, one possible way is to convert OST file into PST file.

How OST file gets damaged or corrupted?

There are several reasons from Outlook data gets damage; corrupt, inaccessible etc. harmful virus or malware may lead to corrupt Outlook files such as contacts, notes, journals, e-mails, reminders, images, attachments and many more. If the Outlook is terminated abnormally then there are high chances of data getting inaccessible. While transferring data from Outlook using network medium such as cables, switch, routers etc. might damage the OST file or severely corrupt it. Consider an important work is going on the Outlook and suddenly the Power is gone then the data may not be saved or it might generate few errors with the files and high chances are it might get corrupt.

Some features of Remo OST to PST converter software:

  • Before purchasing the software you will be able to evaluate all the files which are repaired and recovered.
  • Application comes with simple GUI; this property can help the non-technical user to understand easily.
  • Software is reliable and efficient enough to convert OST file to the PST file.
  • It has advance feature and uses effective build-in algorithm to fix all the OST file issues effortlessly.
  • This tool supports all Outlook software and Microsoft exchange.
  • Converts all the files even if it is encrypted or password protected.
  • You can make use of this software on different Windows operating system.
  • It is digitally signed application, which doesn’t change any data while fixing and converting OST file.

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