How to Get Back Data from Raw Hard Drive?

Each hard drive on Windows system has particular file systems like NTFS 5, NTFS, FAT 32, FAT 16 and ExFAT, since these file systems are liable for sustaining data access on hard drive. When you store any type of data on hard drive, it stores the info like date, time, size, memory location etc.

RAW hard drive is not a type of hard drive; it is a state where the computer fails to recognize the file system of the hard disk. Usually when a file system is damaged or corrupted it becomes RAW, making its data unreadable and inaccessible. For example when you remove your external hard drive while copying or retrieving process the drive becomes corrupt and turns RAW and many error messages pops up when you attempt to access data from such RAW hard drives.

In such cases you need to identify whether hard drive has become RAW or not. It’s easy to identify RAW hard drive. Just enter My Computer, and then double-click listed partition. In case incorrect information like Windows prompts can’t access and load x: file or directory appears suggesting the disk has become RAW. Then, check the partition and examine its properties, you may see previous NTFS or FAT partition has become RAW partition and all properties such as partition size or available space cannot display normally.

Given below are some of the liable instances responsible for hard drive to become RAW:

  • Sometimes you intend to alter the current file system to various versions. For changing file system, you have to accomplish reformatting process, while reformatting if your procedure gets abandoned because of some unexpected reason. This type of situation could become a motive for the hard drive to become RAW
  • Virus may get into the system whenever you download some files or applications from un-trusted sites and stores it in your computer. These viruses may infect that hard drive and infrequently make unwanted changes to file system and turn into an excuse to make it into RAW
  • Along with these, there are several other scenarios to obtain hard drive raw like MBR corruption, due to header corruption, partition table corruption etc. In such circumstances, Remo Recover utility is effective to get back data from raw hard drive on Windows system effortlessly

How Remo Recover helps to get data from RAW hard drive?

By empowering this utility, it is possible to restore data from RAW hard drive very easily. You can use this utility to retrieve data from RAW hard drive on all Windows version some of them are Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP etc. effortlessly. The tool has the capability to revive over 300 file types from SCSI, IDE, SATA hard disk drives. By using this software, even you may create disk images to bypass bad sectors and performs file recovery later. This application is straightforward to utilize, even a non-technical user are capable to recover data from RAW hard drive in effective manner. The tool is developed with integrated algorithms to scan whole hard drive within matter of minutes to get back lost data from raw hard drive. This tool is additionally useful to lost AVI files recovery also effortlessly.

Precautionary Steps to prevent Loss of data:

  • You must conserve the proper backup of your respective significant data on other storage devices like USB drive, external hard disk etc. to have it easily in the event of loss of data
  • You must install authorized antivirus software on your Windows system to protect data from virus attack



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