How to Repair Gopro Videos

It will turn your day into hell if you find your Gopro videos corrupted or inaccessible. It actually happens due to a large number of reasons and as the corruption takes place simply, we can repair it too simply. The tool which is used for Gopro video repair is called Remo Repair. It works well with all kinds of videos including Gopro videos. As Gopro cameras are extensively used to shoot action clips, those videos cannot be missed. So, no excuses for those videos in which you risked your life for.

Notability of Remo Repair:

  • Performs the repairing task using a special algorithm that it wont modify the actual contents of the original Gopro video thus ensures no further corruption. It works on read-only mode.
  • It not only limits it capability to only Gopro videos, but actually repairs a vast number of videos shot on any camera. It includes file types such as AVI, MP4, MPEG, XVID, etc.
  • Runs on all Mac machines including the latest operating systems like Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard and El Capitan.
  • Makes the corrupted and inaccessible Gopro videos playable using some tweak as this is designed by experts around the world who knows how a video file is actually working – the internal things.
  • Repairs videos stored on any external storage medium such as hard drives, memory cards, flash drives etc.

repair gopro videoIt almost works with all scenarios that make the video corrupt and unplayable. It understands what makes the Gopro video corrupted and repairs accordingly. There are innumerable causes of video file corruption.

Some of the Causes include:

  • Transfer error while trying to move or copy from or to the hard drive. It may damage the original file as only a part of the video file data is being copied and the rest are corrupted.
  • Incomplete downloads from internet and torrent sites may lead to video corruption. As mentioned above, those files may have missing data.
  • Error while trying to play the Gopro video in a unreliable media player which actually alters some audio video codec’s and finally end up giving videos in corrupted format.
  • Error when converting the video files frequently with any video converters as this process actually coverts the file type but still may have a chance of corruption.

How Remo Repair Works?

The tool is built with a mechanism that aims at repairing videos that are corrupt under almost any circumstances. It may be firmware problem of the Gopro camera while saving them in SD cards and this software knows about this very well. It uses a special algorithm in which video file can be corrected or repaired in an effective way.

Just download the software from the link above and launch the software. Then click on browse to choose the corrupted Gopro video and click on repair to initiate the repair process. You can able to preview the video once after successful repair and you need to get the full licensed version for saving it.

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