How to Restore Volume on Mac

Mac volumes are considered safe and secure for storing the files but yet it do not restrict the loss or deletion of data from the disk. The software called Remo Recover provides a solution on how to restore volume on Mac. It is the perfect solution because it scans the volume deeply and thoroughly for deleted files and folders. Coming to the features, its world class algorithm is built to find out the deleted or lost volumes on Mac. Let’s list out the salient features of the software.

Distinctive Features of Remo Recover

  • restore mac volumeIt is able to restore the volumes which are inaccessible or volumes throwing any error. It also deals with corrupt volumes.
  • Supports HFS, HFS+, HFSX volumes and are compatible with volumes having any type of file system.
  • Supports SATA, PATA, IDE and SCSI interfaces and works no matter what the hard disk drives brand is.
  • Able to run on any Mac platforms like MacBook, MacBook pro, iMac, Mac Mini and MacBook Air and run on all versions of operating systems such as Yosemite, El Capitan, etc.
  • The “Preview” option and “Save Recovery Session” options in the software are the unique features in which you can pause and save the recovery session and able to see the file before recovering.

Major Causes of File Deletion

  • Viral infections in Mac volumes lead to many problems including system corruption, slowing down the process and even delete the files in volumes.
  • Change in file systems such as converting it to the latest one or downgrading will result in loss of data from Mac volumes.
  • File transfer interruption due to power surge or unexpected removal of storage media when it is in use may lead to severe loss of data and it should be avoided.
  • Reformatting or repartitioning of Mac volumes will cause a disaster if handled incorrectly or without care.
  • Volume header corruption and any errors while mounting the volume will certainly end up in volumes with missing, deleted or lost files.

Steps in Restoring Volumes

Download the software from the above link and use the wizard to restore the volumes. The wizard will guide you to the restore process and you can easily select your volumes accordingly. Select the desired volume in which you want to restore and it will start scanning for file and folders from the hard disk drive. You can choose to “Save Recovery Session” while scanning the volumes having huge sizes by pausing it and can resume the session. After successful scanning of the volume, you can preview the files and can view it on basis of name, size and type of the file. By doing this, you can easily sort them and even find your favorite file of your choice. The software is also compatible to install and use in every single Mac operating system thus there is no need to install any other add-ons. You can activate the software to full version for enjoying the benefits of using the Save option which lets you save the recovered files onto your desired volume.

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