How to Unformat a Hard Drive on Mac

“I have a 1TB internal disk on my Mac that I’m using for the past two years. This morning my son accidentally formatted the internal drive and I’ve now lost all data from it. Is it possible to unformat hard drive on Mac OS X and possibly recover the data that was lost from it?”

There are a lot of ways how one can end up losing data from a hard drive on Mac. The most common among all is hard drive formatting. This not just causes a single file to be lost but instead the entire hard drive is cleared off of data. formatting is usually performed by a user who wants all his data to be removed off the drive at once. This is performed only after the user has a backup created and saved to a safe location on his computer.

Backups need to be created regularly on your Mac OS and failing to create one can be catastrophic if the user loses his data permanently. Formatting need not be performed by a human, sometimes an error can cause the drive to throw a message saying the drive needs to be formatted before use. During such instances, you have no other option but to format the drive.

Whether you format your Mac hard drive intentionally or not, you can always recover the data lost after formatting your Mac hard drive. To unformat hard drive on Mac OS X, you need a formatted hard drive recovery software for Mac that can perform the recovery and restore the recovered data from your drive.

To know more about how you can perform or unformat a hard drive on Mac, watch this tutorial to unformat Mac hard drive.

As shown in the above linked tutorial, it requires not more than a few mouse clicks to recover data from formatted hard drive on Mac.

What you need to know is that all your data that was lost after formatting a hard drive is not really lost from it. You can effortlessly recover each and every file back if you act smartly and early. The data that goes missing from a Mac hard drive after format will remain in the hard drive as long as you don’t write new data onto the drive again. The new data will overwrite the previous data that was lost after the format and this is the data that you were looking to recover from the hard drive.

Once you overwrite the data with new data, you cannot recover it back again and it is permanently lost. So, make sure you don’t write new data onto the drive after it was formatted and employ a formatted hard drive recovery software for Mac at the earliest to recover the data that was lost during the format.

A few features that the software available at the above link provides:

  • It uses a smart recovery algorithm for Mac and can restore files of all sizes and types.
  • Can run on any Mac version.
  • Can be used on any internal hard drive.
  • The recovered data is in the original format and no changes are made to it while it is being recovered.

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