Procedure to Retrieve Deleted RAR Files

Step – by – step process to retrieve deleted RAR file using Remo Recover (Windows) tool:rar file error 17540

Here we are going to discuss some steps to restore deleted RAR files on Windows Operating System using one of the powerful recover application i.e. Remo Recover(Windows).

Step 1: Install the free version of Remo Recover (Windows) tool which you have downloaded online on your system.

Step 2: Installed application is launched by using run button and then when main screen arise you should select recover files button.

Step 3: To restore the deleted RAR files you need to choose recover deleted files from the next screen.

Step 4: Now you should choose the drive from which you need to retrieve all deleted RAR files and then select next button which is present on the tool.

Step 5: When the retrieving process gets end you find all the recovered RAR files, save the process using save recovery session to avoid rescanning.

Step 6: If you want to save those retrieved RAR files to the preferred location on your system then you have to buy the licensed version.

These are some recovery steps to restore deleted RAR files from Windows OS using Remo Recover software.

Some advantages of using Remo Recover (Windows) to restore deleted RAR files:

Remo Recover application is the outstanding software which helps us to retrieve deleted RAR files on Windows in quick time. It is used to recover RAR files which are deleted, inaccessible or lost from system and also it is supported on all editions of Windows. Using this software we can also recover RAR files from storage devices like USB flash drives, SD Card and external hard disk. It has a capacity to support all editions of RAR files and the application can be easily installed and used to retrieve deleted RAR files. We can restore RAR files which are protected with passwords and also we can easily restore large RAR files with few simple recovery steps. The software is provided with free trial edition so that user can check the ability of recovery software before buying it. Finally, if the users face any interruption while restoring the deleted RAR files then to help them there will be technical team.

How the RAR files get deleted from Windows OS?

  • If your system / Operating System get crashed due to some reasons like power failure then it leads to deleted of all files stored in system including RAR.
  • When your system gets infected with virus then it also affects your files stored on your system including RAR files and the RAR files gets deleted.
  • User might accidentally format the disk which contains all files including RAR files by selecting format button and it results to delete of RAR files on system.
  • While deleting the unwanted RAR files from storage disk, user might delete the important RAR file which leads to delete of RAR files from system.

These are some scenarios for the delete of RAR files on Windows but it can be restored by using Remo Recover (Windows) simple recovery process as discussed earlier.

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