Recovery of BMP files from Windows

Windows is one of the simple operating system created by Microsoft. It gives a some of the significant features like high storage capacity, speed, user friendly, supports different storage devices, due to all these it has earned the popularity among the individuals around the world. Due to The extensive support from people, Microsoft started creating the versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7 with more developed features when compared to the older versions.

Windows supports varieties of file formats, in order to distinguish the file types the extension of it is used. There are different file formats that could be used on Windows, for example, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP and so on to store the file formats. One such file format called Bitmap or usually known as BMP file configuration is a raster graphic format used to store the photograph. Some of the salient features of BMP files are the clarity of the pictures will be excellent, there is compression so it could be utilized to print the picture as the pixel quality is great. This file format is utilized by the individuals to spare their memories like photographs that can be kept safely forever. In spite, the fact that having all these advantages there are possibilities of losing your BMP file. If you have lost your BMP like that contains photographs and thinking how to restore?? Don’t panic!!!there is a solution for your issue and you are in the right page simply make use the software called Remo Recover that helps you to recover bmp file in a very effortless way.

Some of the common scenarios for deletion of BMP files:

Virus attack

Making the use of third party tools to prevent our system from viruses or to operate different operations on the computer it is common to make use of third party tools. If they are not free from virus then it results deletion of BMP files.

Improper ejection of storage devices

During the process of transferring the photos that are stored in BMP files present in hard drive to the system, if you remove the hard drive in middle that leads to deletion of BMP files.

Unintentional deletion

Windows operating system supports different file formats that make its user easier in identifying the required file. In such cases you want to delete one of the file by mistake if you delete the BMP file that results in loss.

Note on Remo Recover

Remo Recover is one of the unreplacable software that could be utilized to recover any kind of file in a less span. Capability to scan and restore the whole drive in few minutes. Encourages with numerous features that makes the recovery fast like Find tool used to inquiry the recovered files from large amount of data list, Save Recovery Session that avoids from rescanning of the files once more, option called preview to see the information ahead of time before sparing on the destination. This software could be utilized on the operating systems like Windows, Mac for restoring. Trial version of Remo Recover is available for its user to know the outcome of their problem. Apart from this it can also be used to regain the files when the Windows is crashed and to know more just make a click here.

Safety measures

• Be careful while deleting the files.

• Make use of reliable third party tools

• Provide UPS without fail to your system

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