Recovery of lost Outlook file from C drive

Windows is one the best operating system that evolved the use of electronic devices like computer, laptops etc in unbelievable way. It supports huge number of application like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Power Point, Outlook and many more. In that most commonly used are Microsoft Outlook for email application and C drive for storing the data.

Let us take a brief look on both C drive and outlook file

C drive is a very crucial part of any computer that provides storage capacity for storing the files. All the files of operating system get automatically saved in C drive and also supports various file types like videos, audios, Outlook files etc.

Among them Outlook file is used from professionals to common crowd. Outlook file which is also known as personal storage table. It  is one of the Web application that can manage the personal information and it is a part of Microsoft suite. There are two types of data files used by Outlook, they are Outlook data file (.pst) that are mostly used to send and save the files to the mail sever, one more Outlook data file (.ost) that can be used even when you can’t connect to the mail server. It also helps the users to maintain calendar, journal, note taking etc. There are versions of Outlook like Microsoft Outlook 2013 for Windows and Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac operating systems. Due to various reasons like file system corruption, operating system corruption etc there are chances of C drive corruption that in turn effects your Outlook file, but don’t worry!!! Here is an ideal solution called Remo Recover using which Windows Outlook data recovery is effortless.

Some of the scenarios for lost Outlook file from C drive are:

Usage of third party tools

All the Windows operating system supports numerous softwares that help the user to explore new technologies. If any one of the software that is installed from other devices or websites that are not free from virus might affect the C drive and causes data loss.

Formatting of C drive

Formatting is a process that brings the C drive into initial state by clearing all the information present in it. If you don’t have the backup of files that results in loss.

Presence of Bad sectors

Bad sectors are those present on the C drive with improper data. The presence of bad sectors will not allow the remaining files including Outlook file to get opened that results in data loss.

Significant features of Remo Recover

Remo Recover is one of the absolute software that can be utilized to regain the lost Outlook file from the C drive. It has the capacity to scan the entire drive to restore the lost file in very less time. The recovery algorithms that are built in helps to get back the files very fast. Always the rescued data will be stored on new personal storage table to preserve the safety and makes the user to locate easily. The emails even after removing from the deleted items can be retrieved. Recovery of PST files that are created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 can also be performed. The software can also be used to recover the data from formatted C drive and for elaborate information about the retrieval process visit the mentioned URL

Important Note:

  • Always make a habit to keep the backup of files
  • Use secured antivirus software
  • Get an idea about formatting process before formatting your Windows operating system

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