Report: Apple to Reveal Smaller IPhone and New IPad Air the Week of March 21

Apple’s reported March press event can happen the week of March twenty one, presumably on the twenty first itself, and have a replacement iPad similarly because the 4-inch “iPhone SE,” reports same on Sabbatum. A separate leak in the meantime claimed to point out the SE’s show, lacking any 3D bit sensors.


According to a school Times report, Apple are unveiling new merchandise and accessories for spring, as well as a replacement and smaller iPhone, a replacement iPad Air and accessories for the Apple Watch. Apple has been quiet regarding what they’re unveiling however rumors and reports are current the net regarding what Apple has future for customers this point around.

First up is that the rumored successor of the iPhone 5S that’s same to possess a similar 4-inch screen because the 5S however is a lot of powerful beneath the hood. The phone comes by several names: the iPhone 6C, iPhone 5SE (for special edition) or iPhone SE. Apple has not discovered a lot of thus customers simply ought to wait till March twenty one to search out what it’s known as.

The new iPhone Anticipated} to possess higher specs like Associate in Nursing A9 processor and an M9 motion coprocessor, a similar specs because the iPhone 6S. Bit ID and Apple Pay support are aboard. A lot of powerful 8-megapixel camera is additionally expected on the device. Internal storage choices area unit sixteen GB and thirty two GB. Not like recent iPhones, however, this one won’t have 3D bit. Customers will make a choice from four colors: gold, Rose Gold, silver and area grey

Another device expected to be disclosed is that the iPad Air. Rumors have it that rather than consequent generation iPad Air, Apple are introducing a replacement entrant in its iPad professional line-up. per the report, a 9.7-inch iPad professional are disclosed instead, having a similar specs as its larger sib, as well as support for brand new peripherals like the Apple Pencil and therefore the good connation. This device is reported to be known as the iPad professional mini.

Apple’s plans may amendment, however as of this writing, Apple is anticipated to create a few of (literally) tiny announcements. The foremost vital is that the iPhone 5SE, a 4-inch iPhone that mixes the approximate size of the iPhone 5S with several options from the iPhone six and 6S. Current rumors say that Apple Pay support, Associate in Nursing Apple A8 or A9, upgraded LTE, and a gently changed style are the foremost vital options which the phone can replace the iPhone 5S at very cheap of Apple’s iPhone lineup.

Rumors conjointly recommend we’ll see Associate in Nursing iPad Air three at the event which it may inherit plenty of options from the iPad professional. Associate in Nursing upgraded four-speaker style, a wise connation, Apple Pencil support, and a rear junction rectifier flash area unit all purportedly within the works. We’ve not detected something regarding internal specs, however Associate in Nursing Apple A9X (possibly paired with less RAM than the iPad Pro’s 4GB) feels like a definite chance. The 9.7-inch iPad hasn’t been updated since Oct of 2014—it wasn’t fresh once Apple introduced the iPad professional and iPad mini four last year.

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