Smart Plan to Restore Folder after Format

Folders are mainly used to store files of different types like images, audio, video, etc. in different folders. Maintaining folders to store files is the good habit as you can have quick access to the files of the particular type, deletion of files mistakenly can be reduced at certain extent if you maintain files in form of folders but loss of folders cannot be completely avoided. Sometimes deletion of folders can happen unexpectedly due to virus or technical issue.

Have you ever experienced loss of folders from the laptop or any other device? Have you maintained the backup of vital files and folders? If yes then it’s well and good, you can restore that backup data soon after formatting the device. What if you do not have backup? Do you know how to recover folder after format of that device? If your answer is no then do not get tensed for loss of vital information present on that folders as it is possible to perform recovery successfully using a proficient application named Remo Recover. This app can restore all data without causing any damage to the device as it is free from virus.

When formatting becomes essential:

Forceful Format: Sometimes when you try to open the drive you may get an error message like “Drive is not formatted, Do you want to format it now?” if you click no you will not be able to access the content. With no option if you click yes then you may lose all files and folders from the Windows system.

Intentional Format: Virus attack is main reason for loss of folders. By downloading any virus infected files on system these viruses enter your system and may multiply and affect the data present in the form of folders in that drive. Hence when you try to access data you will get an error message. To remove the files that are unusable due to virus you may choose to format the drive on the Windows system.

Unintentional Format: While managing the data by deleting unwanted files, you may find that one of the partitions is full with useless data. Instead of wasting time in deleting single file. You may desire to format the partition that is no more in need but while choosing you may wrongly choose the one containing essential files and folders.

Whatever may the reasons for formatting the system but if you want to get back the essential data then you should keep two things in mind one is you should not add new files in the space available after folder deletion and secondly should immediately make use of a reliable software. One such trustworthy and powerful software is Remo recover. Make use of this application and perform recovery successfully.

Features of Remo recover software tool:

  • Remo recover is one of the top rated app which has unique scanning engine and inbuilt algorithms to recognize and recover folders and files to its located area using its unique signature including creation date, organizer size and the more.
  • This wizard is capable enough to retrieve files and folders from the external devices like pen drives, memory cards, external hard drives, etc. in matter of seconds.
  • By using this utility any inexpert user can perform folder recovery after formatting the system without any assistance.
  • You can make use of the demo version of this toolkit to know in detail on how to recover folder after format operation done knowing or unknowingly in few simple steps.





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