Software to Recover Corrupt SD Card

micro-sd-memory-card-tf-card-32gb_xrgsjz1339473083611Have your SD card get corrupted as a result of which all media files become unreachable? If yes don’t worry, you can easily access files from corrupt SD card using Remo Recover software. This software is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. You are able to recover files from corrupted SD card in few simple and effective steps. This article deals with recovery process and the reasons that suggests you query “what causes a damaged SD card”.

Some of the benefits of Remo Recover software are mentioned below:

  • Compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac based machines.
  • Able to recover pictures, audio, video, PSD file, document files, compressed files, etc.
  • Recover generic as well as RAW file formats from corrupted SD card and other storage devices.
  • Sort out recovered files from list according to different file signatures such as file name, file type, file date, file size and so on.
  • Save Recovery Session is one of the advanced feature of this software that allows user to resume the recovery process from corrupted SD card.
  • Technical support team is available to guide customers while recovering files from corrupted SD card through emails and phone calls.

What Causes SD Card to Corrupt?           

Bad Sectors: It is a sector available on card which is physically damaged due to overheating or power surge. Due to bad sectors, SD card gets corrupted and you are unable to access files.

File System Corruption: File system of SD card allocates the location of files and folder. If the file system gets corrupted due to virus infection, then there is huge possibility for corruption of SD card as result of which data become unreachable from users.

Virus and Malware Infection: It is the most usual scenario for corruption of SD card. When SD card is connected to infected device virus entered into the card then finally corrupts files.

Other Circumstances: Few other reasons for corruption of SD card are power surge, malfunctioning defects, excessive usage of SD card, use of SD card on multiple device, etc.

In such condition, you can use Remo Recover software to recover deleted or lost files from damaged or corrupted SD card. It also supports formatted micro SD card recovery, mini SD card recovery, SDHC and SDXC card recovery.

Precaution to avoid above mentioned scenarios

  • Keep proper backup of files before deletion from SD card.
  • Don’t format SD card without proper backup of important files.
  • Upgrade antivirus tool in order to reduce the chances of virus infection.
  • Don’t use SD card on multiple device to minimize the chances of corruption.

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