Solution to Open RAW Image in Adobe Photoshop CS6

Hello everyone, here I am going to explain you the solution to how to fix Photoshop CS6 has stopped working? First let us know what is RAW image?

RAW is the commonly used file format to capture image in present days, here the data is recorded by the sensor when you capture the image. In older days the images are captured in JPEG format but in present days camera like DSLR we can capture pictures in RAW format.

What is the basic difference between the JPEG and RAW file format?

When comes to RAW file format, RAW file is not image per see but it requires special application (which is easy to get) to view it. It is naturally proprietary file format which use 8 bit per color for red, blue and green, although most of the DSLR camera uses 12 bit color. It is uncompressed and complete data from camera sensor. It is not able to print directly without post processing from the camera.

When comes to JPEG file format, it is the standard image format readable by any image application in present market. It uses 8 bit per color and it is compressed comparatively small in file size. It is user friendly and suitable to print, share and post in web and processed by the camera itself.

Procedure to open RAW image in Adobe Photoshop CS6 or CC:

Different camera manufacturers uses different RAW file format for their camera.  You can’t open RAW image format in Photoshop CS6 or CC unlike as other format like JPEG or PNG because Photoshop uses different codec and compression so the only solution to open the RAW image is:

  • By using Adobe camera RAW
  • By using image converter
  1. Method to open RAW image format using Adobe Camera RAW:

This is the commonly used method to access the RAW image file format on Photoshop although Adobe Camera Raw  not support huge number of file formats and cameras, It supports CRW, DNG, ERF, CR2, GPR, RAF, FFF, 3FR, KDC, DCR, MRW, NEF, MOS and other file formats.

Photoshop CS6 has camera Raw as plug-in, where user can easily access the RAW in Photoshop CS6 easily. Photoshop comes with plug-in by default. If you cannot able to access the Raw on Photoshop CS6 and getting error then you don’t have the Plug-in in Photoshop or you need to update the plug-in.

  1. Method to open RAW image format using image converter:

Another simple solution to open RAW image is by converting the RAW to JPEG file format so that you can easily access the image on Photoshop CS6 or CC. first you need to select the RAW image which you want to open and in online you need to download the best tool to convert RAW to JPEG file and install it on your system. Perform the conversion of RAW and make sure that the image has converted to JPED file successfully because if it is converted to PNG then it won’t get open. Finally you can easily open those converted JPEG file on Adobe Photoshop CS6.

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