Steps to Organize My Pictures in Windows 10

Nowadays, people have multiple devices and number of ways to take images, record videos and play music. At times, you may have a huge library of media and it becomes difficult to find photos from such a large media collection. Fortunately, Windows 10 makes it easier to organize, find and share your digital images with the Photos app. The Pictures, Videos, and Music folders remain the same as you have seen in the earlier versions of Windows.

So let’s learn how to organize My Pictures folders with Windows 10 Photos appWindows 10 default Photos app includes image correction, enhancement and a range of options for organizing your photos. The new Photos app is much closer to Mac’s Photos app. Before proceeding to organize My Pictures folder in Windows 10 using the Photos toolkit, you’ll need:

  • A Windows 10 PC
  • Any photos that you want to organize should be saved in a Pictures folder on your PC

Follow these step-by-step instructions to organize My Pictures in Windows 10

Step 1: Find and open the Photos app

Launch Photos app either using the Search box or tell Cortana to open Photos.

Step 2: Create photo albums

  • Press + symbol and select images to add to the album
  • Enter album name that you want and click Save button

Step 3: Find images or add pictures from other folders

By default, photos are saved to a folder in Pictures library. If you want to add more folders into Photos app, then follow these instructions:

  • Select Settings menu at the bottom left of the screen
  • Scroll down to your Sources and click Add a folder

Step 4: Organize automatically

All the images stored in your Pictures library will appear in Photos app via Collection screen, which is automatically organized by date taken.

There are instances that you may lose your treasured media collection in My Pictured folder while upgrading to Windows 10 Photos app. Though it’s important to take complete data backup before any up-gradation, many users just ignore that part or don’t remember to do so. In such instances, it is recommended to use the dedicated tool like Remo Recover to restore My Pictures folder with ease. The software is capable of recovering deleted, lost or missing pictures and videos of any formats. What’s more? It restores the media files in their original format and you can even preview the recovered images using the free trial version of the tool.

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