What Makes Hard Drive Inaccessible?

Hard drive is a major component of a computer system, which stores various kinds of data such as texts, pictures, videos, songs, etc. So any problem arising in computer hard drives can lead to inaccessibility of the data files stored in them. Such inaccessibility is often supported by the occurrence of various error messages. One such error message that makes computer hard drive inaccessible is “Hard drive is not accessible, Access denied”

Once you get stuck in such situations and denied from accessing the hard drive, then there is no way to get back your important files other than using suitable data recovery tool like Remo Recover software

Let it be aside, and now the question arises in many user’s mind is why my hard drive is inaccessible? Just continue reading to know the reasons behind such error messages, which denies you from accessing the hard drive

Windows registry corruption: Windows registry is important in every computer system, as it holds settings, options, information about the stored data files and applications. Frequent removal and adding of applications results in the increase of invalid entries in the file thereby making it corrupt. This in turn results in hard drive failure and inaccessible of the drive

Virus in boot sector: Some dangerous viruses and malwares targets to infect the Master Boot Record, which does by replacing its own code in to the hard disk partition when computer starts the booting process. As a result of infection, Master Boot Record gets corrupted and so the hard drive becomes unreadable or inaccessible

Formation of bad sectors: These are those sectors of the hard drive that is unreadable, which signifies that it is physically damaged. If such bad sectors are left behind, then it can build up causing damage on more number of sectors. As a result of this, hard drive cannot be accessed anymore

Sudden power outages: Sudden power failures can affect the computers to a large extent. When the computer shuts down suddenly while doing complex process like defragmentation, it can make your hard drive inaccessible

I think now you got an answer for a question why my hard disk is inaccessible. Apart from the above mentioned reasons, there are plenty of other factors responsible for the inaccessible of hard drives. However, any hard drive failures can be handled easily if it is caused due to minor issues. In case, if it is due to major technical problems, then the only option left out with you is formatting the hard disk. But, formatting leads to deletion of entire files from the drive. In such cases, employ Remo Recover software to restore all your crucial and important files from your formatted hard drive in few easy-to-execute steps.

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