Windows 10 Insider Build 14271 Makes Only Modest Changes

Microsoft has free a replacement Windows 10 Redstone build to the desktop Windows Insiders nowadays. The newest build 14271 is barely a couple of builds newer than the last unleash, which implies there won’t be any new options or enhancements. Microsoft has conjointly started rolling out Windows ten Mobile 14267.1004 creating it the primary time that each the laptop and mobile square measure receiving a replacement hinge on an equivalent day and time.
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Windows ten Redstone build 14271 is so fixing the bulk of major problems rumored within the previous unleash (you will check the total changelog within the box when the jump), as well as a bug inflicting the accent color to not amendment once the slideshow possibility is enabled on the desktop. We’ve had this bug on one in every of our PCs here at play down, and it had been extremely annoying, particularly if you wish to tweak the planning of your desktop frequently.

The main amendment is within the location of taskbar settings. In Windows ten build 10240 and version 1511, several taskbar settings square measure out there by right-clicking the taskbar (lock the taskbar, show Cortana icon). To drill down on Win10 1511 taskbar settings, right-click the taskbar and opt for Properties. That brings up the previous Windows 7-style Taskbar and begin Menu Properties dialog, that permits you to, as an example, machine hide the taskbar, move it to the highest or edges, or use tiny taskbar icons.

Additionally, this build brings updates for the music management icons shown in taskbar previews in music apps, as well as Groove Music, with Microsoft claiming that they must currently look crisper and cleaner at higher resolutions.

Windows 10 Redstone 14271 fixes:

  • We fastened a problem wherever the window borders on apps would amendment from accent color to black when each upgrade to a replacement build.
  • We have updated the music management icons that square measure shown in taskbar previews in music apps like Groove to appear crisper and clean at higher resolutions.
  • We fastened a problem wherever the taskbar would generally not auto-hide and show unexpectedly on high of full screen windows like showing on top of a PowerPoint presentation once in slideshow mode.
  • We fastened a problem wherever the “Hide notifications whereas presenting” setting preference is lost when upgrading to a replacement build.
  • The entire app header in Action Center is currently right-clickable rather than simply the app name or “x”.
  • We created it easier to dismiss all notifications from a selected app in Action Center by increasing the spot to include the whole app header.
  • We fastened a problem wherever interaction notifications wouldn’t show a button to input text in some cases.
  • Last user switch ought to work currently with image word.
  • We fastened a problem wherever some desktop (Win32) apps look missing from begin.
  • We fastened a problem wherever the accent color doesn’t mechanically amendment once the slideshow possibility is chosen for your desktop background.
  • Microsoft is meant to possess Redstone one — subsequent version of the last version of Windows get in June, in line with most accounts. So far, we have seen little that is compelling though remarkably, notably, the Redstone beta builds are quite solid.

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